teaching mathematical abstract subjects with technology

16 08 2009

Actualization of mathematical and abstract subjects using computer-based guided tutorials

porschaPorscha McRobbie – U of Michigan

  1. Revamping lectures and homework: extensive lecture notes –  new additions: in class live demonstrations/animations from exiwsting notes
  2. homework assignments – new additions: interactive/exploratory
  3. discussion problems

Challenges: finding complimentary resources: cross-disciplinary time consuming to translate; non-traditional course content; seek highly specific interactive tools.

Bringing lectures to life: example from Wolfram Mathematica for students [link].

Guided tutorial style homework is also possible.

Tool of choice: build-in manipulate and animate commands; creating interactive assignments requires little coding; students only need free MathematicaPlayer (no programming required, source code hidden).

Resources: a forum called Wolfram education group [especially Mathematica for education] to answer your questions. Also the Wolfram Demonstrations Project where people are creating those demonstrations and uploading them to that site [demonstrations.wolfram.com].




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