collaborating with south korea

15 08 2009

A partnership session. This sounded fascinating because of the partnership aspect and collaboration across cultural bounderies.

Artful Collaboration: Crossing Cultural and Technological Borders

Presenters: Lori Brink, Shirley Penland, Barbara Cox, Becca Barniskis [Minnesota U], Lisa Thompson [Taejon Christian International School, Korea]

This session was skyped with South Korea.


Lisa : introducing the project. She was wondering what is Becca had the opportunity to connect with her students in South Korea.

Becca:  both planned and worked on the program together. Instead of documenting a project, they decided to BE the project. They coordinated together and it was a very interesting project.

Shirley: was in South Korea for a long time and her role in the school is a professional development and curriculum coordinator. S. Korea has advanced technology and therefore they are always challenged to make the curricula up to that advanced standard. In school they train faculty to use the tools as they develop their instruction. Two of their fundamental concepts are intercultural awareness and communication. They used video conferencing. The students benefited the most because they were the ones capable of producing the art.

The panelists then showed a video: descriptive review – notice, question and speculate. In the video, 6th grade students talk to a poet in Minnesota.

They facilitated a descriptive review with the audience. These are not clarifying questions. We took two minutes to describe different things that you noticed from their presentation of the project to the video. One of the audience members suggested having a voice over in the video. The poem that the children wrote was about their immediate environment. Some of the students were shy – soft spoken voices and one covered his face. It seemed like an American classroom. Interesting mix of technology and paper.

Ended with a discussion between participants in the workshop and South Korea.




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