working with blended video

14 08 2009

Here are my notes from the Merlot conference in San Jose.

Strengthen the link with blended videos. Gabe Mydland, Dakota State University

blendedvideoWhat is blended video? A mashup – student concept [maps], web video content, student video content. It is where students gather this information and are starting to draw links as to where those concepts affect their real lives.

Showed Video on Positive and Negative Reinfocement

What are the tools that we will use?

Why? Time spent: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation.

Students are fact learners and confuse it with knowledge. When you ask them how do those concepts apply to you, they don’t know. When using PS3 helps to shift: creation, evaluation, synthesis, analysis, application, comprehension, knowledge.

Important opportunity to talk about copyright, fair use, attribution and proper citation. Students want to follow the rules but are not sure of it.

Concept maps: link concepts bec they show relationships visually and link concepts with each other and link with other thoughts and ideas out there. Large maps are sometimes overwhelming. You appreciate the overlap between concepts and many things they share in common and many are distinct. This was a great way to help them organize thoughts together.

How do we grade this? The more you use these graphical organizers the more it becomes easy to grade. Matching the outline a student created with one you have created and you can see where they are different and what they are missing or adding.

Concept maps help us organize and transform a student into an active learner and encourages students to become self-directed learners. They have greater confidence in the comprehension of new material and shrink gap between theory and practice.

Develop skills in areas of critical thinking and organization of information and understanding complex relationships and finally they are able to see the larger picture.

Eg. are; C-map []; Mind42. The last two reside on your computer.

Web video content: where to find students

Zamzar is a free on-line utility that allows you to capture video content or convert it into a format you prefer. It allows you to download video content from the web.

Student content: Let’s get digital: students are encouraged to create and/or find their own examples. Use Photostory 3 to take still images to create video content [like iMovie for the MAC].

Students spending time not only finding concepts we try to instill in them, but when we take it a step further and tell them to show us how they view that concept and engaging the digital natives where they live is a great thing.

You can use window movie maker to edit and edit the video. [go to RUN and type mk – you get movie maker].




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