State of Play: when governments come out to play

22 06 2009

Here are my notes on this session. Quite interesting…

Liz Losh, Jean Miller, Bill May

Tory Horton: Public diplomacy: what is it? Information and info overload that redefines public diplomacy that focuses on communication and dialogue, collaboration and group work. With this shift came a change: listening, policy alignment… Opportunities include: VW can fulfill an ideal which is collaboration across cultures and have a place for coordinated action. They can have a new relationship. Geography collapses. Credibility is important in relationships and in public diplomacy are important. Building relationships requires credibility and basing your opinion not on what one looks.

Limitations: VW are unattainable [too difficult to learn and too difficult to get etc]… The 2nd reason is that govnt’s are unable to control the space. 3rd issue is that public dipl. Is viewed as the end result. It should not be.

J. Miller:

  • what did govts want? They were after the hype as a short term goal. Some wanted to get an online campaign: would a virtual space be better or go on youtube and it would be better?
  • Who is the audience? Knowledgeable teens or elderly who need more time to learn or their own internal teams.
  • Who knew what within a govt agency? They were the group of the convinced and now wanted to convince others within the govt.  There were concerns about finances. Many underestimated the resources. The Swedish Embassy and the Maldives are there. How do you engage community?
  • Is this all relevant? When we engage communities and engage cultures, does it actually bring about change?


Code and servers and files can be used for unintended stuff and therefore have unintended consequence. Choosing proprietary environments affects how it will work.

Military video games: people coming in from different paradigms: game development or social media.


Mutual understanding between the govt and others around the world. Giving context to US policies. The idea was to create space where children could interact and go back home thinking well Americans are not so bad then. People can come and have discussions and talk about things. Tracking the industry 4 and a half years ago. Do people get to know each other in virtual spaces? It is not about building presence but how to use it. Cultural events. A mixed media event with Egyptian bloggers in second life.




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22 06 2009
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22 06 2009
State of Play reports « Austin Entrepreneur Network

[…] On governments getting involved […]

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