digital inclusion and cyber crime – helping pedophiles form networks

10 11 2007

A conference in Rio de Janeiro will start Monday to discuss cyber crime including pedophilia and will be discussing the digital divide/digital inclusion. The conference is entitled the UN Internet Governance Forum, a product of the World Summit that took place in Tunisia in 2005.  Among its topics is, of course, governance issues on the internet. It is expected that

2,000 participants from 100 countries will examine ways to tackle pedophilia and cybercrime. [The conference] will also discuss the implications of more than 80 percent of the world’s population not having access to the worldwide network, mainly those in developing countries.

Apparently ‘millions of pedophiles’ have been enabled by the openness of the Internet and have been able to connect and form networks:

The US Congress also gave information recently that hinted at the size of the problem. According to an agent in the Justice Department’s special crimes investigation bureau, the Internet has allowed “maybe millions” of pedophiles in the world to form a network online. [link]

For more information on the Forum, visit their official website.




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