cyber war

17 05 2007

A three-week wave of massive cyber-attacks on the small Baltic country of Estonia, the first known incidence of such an assault on a state, is causing alarm across the western alliance, with Nato urgently examining the offensive and its implications. [The Guardian]

According to The Guardian, “Alarm over the unprecedented scale of cyber-warfare is to be raised tomorrow at a summit between Russian and European leaders outside Samara on the Volga.” If the Russians are proven to be behind the attacks, the Guardian says this would be considered the first officially known attack by a state on another.

Not really. In fact in the Frontline film Cyberwars, one Pentagon official acknowledges that the US conducted a cyberwar attack on Iraq during the first Gulf War in 1992. In addition, cyberwars have been very common between Israel and the Palestinians. In particular, Israel as a State, and Palestinians as individual computer-savvy people.




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